12 Family First Insights – Be A Better Dad Today

On November 11, 2017, the baby boomers group of Family First Malaysia under the co-leadership of Tan Tek Seng and Tinkie Tan, organized Better Dads Conference at the Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.


There were more than 150 participants from all walks of life. Below is a listing of 12 key insights[i] compiled by Dr Peter Ting:

  1. Noble Family Vision[ii]
    You need to know where you are going before you can take others along with you. Take time to co-create with your spouse an ideal family vision for your marriage, parenting of your children as the Godly Offspring. Involve your children too to co-create values to live by in your family.
  2. Most Precious Gift
    The most precious gift for our loved ones is spelled TIME. Spend time 1:1 with each of your children with both physical and verbal affirmations. Tell them at least once a month with these words:

    • I love you so much
    • I am so proud of you
    • No matter what happens in life, I am always with you
  3. Servant Leadership
    Be intentional to put the needs of our spouse and children before ours. Telling without showing is the worst leadership one can ever exhibit. Ask first, “What can I do for my family?” Treat your spouse as the king/queen of your relationship, and together, united to parent your children.
  4. Whole Person Support
    As parents, especially dads of the family, don’t just provide for our children materially. They need more than just physical or material support. They too need support emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.
  5. Giving of Moral Compass
    We need to leave behind a clear moral compass with timeless principles of ethics and integrity for our future generations. The moral compass should continue to guide them even when we are no longer around one day.
  6. Different and Better
    What do we expect to see? To see changes and sustainable transformation in our families, what must we do differently to achieve better results? If we continue to do the same old things, we will see the same old results.
  7. Transitions in Life
    We must learn to make transitions in different seasons of life. Make the most of every opportunity as that opportunity may not be repeated. People will die without notice to us. If your loved ones should leave you – what would be your last words for them to remember?
  8. Allies for the Journey
    We need to a good buddy or buddies to walk through life-journey with us. Build your accountability partner(s). It’s not good to fight and die alone. Our most important buddy is our spouse. Start with him/her in our life.
  9. Develop Your EQ
    Your success in family depends largely on your EQ (how you relate with others socially and emotionally) and much less on your IQ.[iii]
  10. The Millennial Focus
    The millennials will be the shaper or destroyer of our economy. Therefore, we need to be intentional in allocating time and money to mentor them as the Next Gen Leadership.
  11. Making a Difference
    To uphold Family First, what first steps are you going to create for someone to follow? Start with one person, one couple and one family. Transform each family from struggling to surviving, then from surviving to succeeding with self, home, workplace and ever increasing widening impact.
  12. A Lasting Legacy
    What do we want to leave behind? How do we want to be remembered by the future generations? Many things in life, we will need to leave them behind one day. Aspire therefore to build values and character with an eternal destiny that will not subject to moth, rust or decay.


The above 12 insights serve to create awareness on how we can strengthen our marriage and thus our parenting of the next generation as leaders of destiny. To learn more about our equipping programs, write to us at info@fam1st.com.my or if you wish to receive on-going updates about what we do, do LIKE us at our Facebook Page.

DrPeterAbout the Author:

Dr Peter Ting is the President/CEO of Family First Malaysia, and he is committed to TRANSFORMING Next Gen Fathers, supported by Mothers, to build Better Families resulting in a Better Workplace, a Better Society and a Better Nation.

In 2014, Dr Peter ‘retired’ from a full-time corporate career. Now, he uses his time to mentor Gen-Y CEO Couples and Gen-Z leaders, who are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. For more information about Dr Peter, see here.

[i]These insights were contributed by Professor Gregory Slayton, Tan Tek Seng, Gerald Bradley and Dr Peter Ting, who were the speakers at the Better Dads Conference on November 11, 2017 at Taylor’s University.

[ii] For more details on the creation of a Noble Family Vision, refer to the book, Be A Better Dad Today, authored by Professor Gregory Slayton (pp.27-40).

[iii] For an example on the outworking of EQ, please refer to 3F Next Gen Leadership