ECFA Awards FoFF/ FFG Its “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”

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FOFF/ FFG Joins Many Of The Largest and Most Respected Non-Profits In The World As ECFA Member

Dallas, Texas – The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability one of the world’s most respected financial accountability organisations, has approved the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation and its operational arm, Family First Global for full Accreditation and Membership.

The ECFA did a detailed review of the organisation’s financials, controls, board structure, governance practices, staff salaries, fundraising approaches, its legal documents, etc. It is a big step for FoFF/ FFG to now be counted as Members in Good Standing of the ECFA along with over 2,000 of the largest and most respected non-profits in the world such as World Vision US and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

FoFF/ FFG Board Chairman Gregory Slayton noted, “It’s an honour to be found worthy of accreditation by the ECFA – and we want to thank them for their deep and thorough review of FoFF/FFG. We also thank our financial team for doing such a great job. Financial integrity and accountability are absolutely vital for all organisations, but especially for faith based non-profits as we are stewards of our donors’ trust and hard earned resources. FoFF/ FFG follows the Biblical model of leaders as pro-bono ‘tent-makers’ – thereby keeping our overhead costs to an absolute minimum so as to maximise the positive impact of the work” concluded Ambassador Slayton.

John Murphy, the Chair of FoFF/ FFG’s Board of Advisors, added, “We’d like to thank all of our National Leaders in the 10 Asian countries in which FoFF/ FFG now operates for being such great local leaders, all on a pro-bono basis. We’d also like to thank all of the US Board and Board of Advisors members for serving pro-bono, including Ambassador Slayton who devotes over 50% of his time to FoFF/ FFG. This allows the donations we receive to go much farther than they otherwise would. Thanks again to every member, donor, partner and friend who has allowed FoFF/ FFG to serve over 3M Asian families this year – on a veritable shoestring. And we thank again ECFA for their vote of confidence in the work we are doing and how we are doing it.