Fellowship of Fathers Foundation (FoFF) Thanksgiving Newsletter 2019

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It has been a tremendous year for the FoFF and our Family First Global partners. The vision GOD gave us five years ago to reach/serve/bless 100M Asian families by 2050 is slowly but surely coming to pass. Ten Asian countries now have strong, locally-led Family First Leadership Teams reaching out at scale to the families of their respective nations. Collectively we will reach over 3M families this year – and over 50% of those families come from non-Christian backgrounds. For most of these families it is the first time they have ever heard God’s Word or the Christian message of love, forgiveness and peace. We are thrilled to see marriages and families healed – and many families drawing closer to their Heavenly Father as well. Yes, we have much to be thankful for in 2019. And we are deeply thankful for your partnership and friendship in this ongoing work.


There are many great developments highlighted in this Thanksgiving 2019 Newsletter. These are just the tip of the iceberg of all that was accomplished. In one word: THANKFUL. Thank you for your partnership in the many efforts of FoFF/ FFG this year. Please continue to pray with us and partner with us financially as you see fit. Thank you again for walking with us in this great journey to reach/serve/bless 100M Asian families by 2050. It means the world to us.


By His grace and for His glory,




Leadership Summit 360 Singapore Highlights

Mr. Pat Gelsinger addressing at the sold-out LS360 Summit of 250 delegates

SINGAPORE, November 2019 – The birth of the Leadership Summit 360 started from a simple desire to bless leaders in Singapore. In a span of only 10 weeks of intense planning, preparation, and prayers on Nov 16th 2019, Fellowship of Fathers Foundation and Family First Global hosted the first-ever LS360 event Singapore in conjunction with several great local partners.

We were grateful that the event was sold-out with 250 business, government and non-profit leaders in attendance.


Keynote Speakers included Fortune Magazine’s Global CEO of the Year 2018, Mr. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware; Mr. Glenn Yu, CEO of SeaOil Corp, one of the Philippines ten largest companies; and Mr. Thio Gim Hock, CEO of OUE Ltd.


We were hearted by the numerous praises from our event delegates. One senior leader from a Singapore government agency stated, “There are hundreds of leadership events here in Singapore every year. But this is the first one I have attended that looked at integrated leadership, not just on the business front but also the family and community front. This was a tremendously valuable conference. We look forward to inviting even more of Singapore’s top CEOs to next year’s LS360.”Some photo highlights. More on our Facebook page!

Family First Malaysia National Collaboration

FFM Chairman Mr. Tan Tek Seng in the local Mandarin papers

Family First Malaysia ended the year on a high-note with a partnership with Better Dads Malaysia to rally a national movement for fathers in Malaysia that will help to improve the quality of life for families and children by motivating, mobilising and equipping fathers and father-figures to be the best they can be.

This significant event was witnessed by YB Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community Development. At Family First Global, we believe that it is key to work alongside local partners and government agencies with the same goals for a greater impact in the nations!

YB Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community Development at the signing ceremony with FFM & BDM

Stronger Families for a Stronger Society in Hong Kong

Participants at an inter-generational family day camp in HK

As one of the youngest Family First Nations, Family First Hong Kong is already making ripples in the lives of hundreds of families through inter-generational Family Day Camps and workshops.


FFHK made 2 significant partnerships this year with YMCA of Hong Kong and Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (Hong Kong) for bigger and better family-centered programs in 2020. These programs are critical for Hong Kong families as the nation has been challenged with high divorce rates, domestic violence & higher suicide incidence.


We are praying that every life that comes through the programs at FFHK will be positively impacted for the greater good of the Hong Kong people.



Family First Taiwan Launches Holistic Sexuality Education

Family First Taiwan was the first Family First nation launched in Asia. FFT hosts many well developed parenting and family-centered programs for the marketplace, churches, and community organisations.
In April 2019, FFT launched their first program specially designed for parents to know how to educate their kids with the right mindset and behaviours towards interpersonal and intimate relationships. There are 10 sessions in the program with specific subjects to equip the parents with practical knowledge and skills to handle a diversity of challenging sexuality-related issues their children are facing in this ever changing world.
This program has been well received across all organisations and FFT plans to roll out more of these wellness programs in the year to come!

Family First Philippines to Train 191,000 Philippine Police Officers

PMP Team with National Police Leaders

Family First Philippines (PMP) continues to have national impact with its programs. This year the Philippine National Police Force has mandated that over the next three years every single Filipino police officer will be taking a Family First Philippines course on Integrity on the Work Front and the Family Front. 


This course was specifically developed for the Philippine National Police by FFP – and was tested in a number of Philippine Provinces in the past two years. The test programs were hugely successful – leading to the nationwide program that starts next year. It is estimated that the average Filipino police officer touches 500 families – so helping 191,000 police officers to better serve their communities and their families is tremendously important.


Pioneering Work at Family First Singapore

For the past year, Family First Singapore (FFS) has been doing extensive research to understand current and pressings needs for families in Singapore. As affluent and stable as this city state might be, families in Singapore face similar social issues as many developed countries do.
The FFS team is planning where to strategically deploy help to families in meaningful ways. It is in the early stages of developing a range of signature programmes and products to equip participants with the knowledge and capacity to change, and to effect changes within their own homes and families.

Family First Indonesia Brings the Message of Love to 50,000 Children and Their Families

A collaborative effort between one of FFG’s largest partner nations, Family First Indonesia and FoFF’s US partner The Amazing Grace Initiative is getting the story of Jesus’ love to 50,000 children and their families across the country!


The goal of this Project is to bring the love of Christ to 50,000 children and their families in working class communities and test the collaborative partnership to ensure that it works for the healing of families and God’s greater glory. FFI printed the Amazing Grace children’s book in Bahasa Indonesian based on the four Gospels and is partnering with local organisations to distribute it to 50,000 children and their caregivers.  FFI is ensuring that each child and his/her family read the Bible stories aloud for maximum comprehension and impact.


FFG Leaders Summit Strengthens Relationships, Vision & Strategy

This year’s FFG Fall Leaders Summit in Bangkok, Thailand set another high mark for our FFG team. Over 80 National Leaders from 10 countries attended the 3-day Summit.


The Summit featured well-loved keynote speakers including Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong, and his wife, Pastor Daphne Yang.  Pastor Yang is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church, one of Singapore’s largest and most respected churches. They shared on ‘strength in unity’ and also practical wisdom on ministry expansion. Andrew Ng, a successful Asian business leader and the Founder/ CEO of Kingdom Wealth Ministries also delivered an inspirational keynote address on ‘Principles of Kingdom Wealth’. Our FF Leader, Mr. Ho Sun Yee conducted a series of Strategic Planning workshops to equip all National Leaders.


Through these key teachings, great partnership and strong prayers, we are looking forward to even greater positive impact multiplication and expansion of all our FF National Chapters in 2020!