125 Family First Leaders From 10 Family First Nations Come Together For Largest FF Summit

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125 Family First Leaders From 10 Family First Nations Come Together For Largest FF Summit


Jakarta, Indonesia – 125 Family First leaders from 10 Asian nations gathered in Jakarta from 2nd to 5th May for the largest Family First Summit ever. The goals of the Summit were, as always, to enable FF Leaders to pray and plan together, to learn from each other and from world class speakers, and to thank God and celebrate the tremendous accomplishments of the past year, while seeking His guidance for the coming year to serve as many families as possible in each FF nation.


“We hosted the first Family First Summit in Taiwan just five years ago,” reflected Family First Taiwan Chairman Bernard Lee. “I think we had 15 people or so… it was a blessed and beautiful time together,” he continued. “It is amazing to see how Family First has grown so quickly – and what an impact it is having all over Asia. Each FF National Leadership Team is strong and getting stronger, and Family First is helping millions of families now. That is wonderful to see!” he concluded.

“It is a great honor to host the FoFF/Family First Spring Summit in Jakarta,” offered Mr. Handi Irawan, Chairman of Family First Indonesia. “Each Summit has been inspiring, empowering and enlightening… and we hope and pray our Jakarta Summit was also. It’s great to see so many FF Leaders paying their own way to come to each Summit. That speaks to the dedication and commitment of the FF leaders across Asia,” he added.

“The great theologian Henry Blackaby wrote ‘the best strategy is to watch and see where the LORD is moving… and go there to do whatever He has for you,'” opined Tek Seng Tan, the Chairman of Family First Malaysia and the original Vice Chairman of Family First. “That is exactly right and that is what we have tried to do with Family First. To see the incredible growth and impact of the Family First movement in only five years is truly to see God at work helping millions of families across Asia. And that is a wonder to behold!” Mr. Tan concluded.