Next Gen Leadership: Mentoring Champions

Next Gen Leadership

A collaboration with the millennial generation, the ‘Next Gen Leadership: Mentoring Champions in Family, Finance and Fitness’ pilot book project is based on the values we at Family First Malaysia believe in. From the look and feel of the book, content contribution for Family, Finance and Fitness, up to the submission for print, our millennials had their hand in each part of the process.

The millennial team led by Drs Peter and Abby Ting consisted of:

  • Victoria and Randall for Design and Layout
  • Eleazar for his insights on Finance
  • Othniel for his insights on Family
  • Nehemiah for his insights on Fitness

Next Gen Leadership Team

Filled with values on building stronger Families, laying solid foundations for Finance and encouraging healthier living through Fitness, the book imparts knowledge and encourages couples and individuals to fulfil a greater potential in their families and communities. The values and lessons detailed in the book comes from experience and daily living, courtesy of Drs Peter and Abby Ting through their years of raising three boys: Eleazar, Othniel and Nehemiah.

When asked to describe the relevancy of the book, the lead designer (a millennial raised by baby boomer parents) shares:

Stereotyped by society as being entitled, carefree and easily bored among other things, are how millennials are being seen. But who moulds them and influences them the most? Parents are the first and the closest relationship a child will have and play an influential role in nurturing who they grow up and mature to become. Written by a super couple who I believe can honestly say “been there, done that…and succeeded”, this book has values that lay a foundation to something greater.

-Victoria Lin

An excerpt from the book, a word from our authors:

Next Gen Leadership

For a copy or more information of the ‘Next Gen Leadership: Mentoring Champions in Family, Finance and Fitness’ book, drop an e-mail to one of our millennials: Randall Tan