3F Camp – A Better Couple

3F Camp in Action Learning
3F Camp Overview

A diverse group of leading family scholars outlined the benefits for couples who get and stay married: Better Family, Better Finance, Better Fitness.

For more information about why, read this article: Why Invest In Marriage?

  1. To ASSESS current health of marriage and identify areas that require adjustments for breakthrough growth. Possible adjustments include: Communication, Irritations, Sex, In-Laws, Money, Fitness & Health, and Children.
  2. To concurrently run the Children Talent Club (for children of 3-12 years, depending on the space, number and teachers’ availability)

3 days & 2 nights (off-site venue)

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Interactive presentation integrated with video clips, case studies, small group discussions, and experiential learning games with lessons on family building.

For a quick preview on our previous camp, see 3F Couple Camp Video

  • Increased level of engagement and willing commitment to building a strong family/marriage.
  • Develop a sustainable Win-Win Family Building Agreement at a personal and immediate family circle of influence.
  • Chosen/Refined top 3 strategies to build a happier family as the foundation of success in other areas of life.

Round-table seating of 6-8pax per table. Projection system for presentation slideshow. Audio visual system for audio and video clips. Two flip-charts for two workshop facilitators. Mahjong papers, marker pens and blue tack for each table or group.

For maximum interactive workshop style, recommended size is 12-20 couples for 2 co-trainers and 20-40 couples for 2-4 co-trainers, where each table/group will have a couple-facilitator to assist trainers. 4 couples will be allocated to each table/group.

3F Camp Overview

Time Day-1 Day-2 Day-3
7.00-8.00am Travelling
& Breakfast (OYO)
Arise & Shine
8.00-8.30am Morning Walk-1 Morning Walk-2
8.30-9.30am Breakfast-1 Breakfast-2
9.30-9.45am R2A2 Game-1 R2A2 Game-2
9.45-11.00am Session-2 Session-5
11.00-11.15am Tea-Break-1 Tea-Break-2
11.15-12.30pm Session-3 Session-6
12.30-1.30pm Lunch (OYO) Lunch-1 Lunch-2/Check-out
1.30-2.00pm Free-Time Free-Time
2.00-3.00pm Briefing (meeting hall) Workshop R2A2 Open Sharing
3.00-4.00pm Check-in Group Photo/
Home Sweet Home
4.00-5.30pm Family Team-Building-1 Family Team-Building-2
5.30-6.30pm Shower/Rest/Free Time
6.30-7.30pm Dinner-1 Dinner-2
7.30-9.30pm Session-1 Session-4
9.30-10.00pm Small Group R2A2
10.00-10.30pm Light Supper-1 Light Supper-2