3F CEO Couple Club

3F CEO Couple Club Overview

To intentionally develop Next Gen Leadership among young couples with 3F focus, most notably succession planning in family business.

  1. Age 45 and below.
  2. Either one of the couple must be a CEO, preferably in the same business, though not an essential requirement. If unmarried, intention to do so must be within 12 months from the time of application.
  3. Annual revenue of at least RM1 million and RM5 millions in service and manufacturing industry respectively, not exceeding RM100 million at the time of joining.
  4. Willing to participate in high impact CSR projects to bring about social and economic transformation.
  5. Annual Subscription Fees of RM1,800 per couple to cover for monthly mentoring meeting related expenses, including meals, honorariums or souvenirs for speakers, excluding travels and lodgings. Subscription fees will be pro-rated, according to joining month.
  6. Walk-in participants of our quarterly open events are subject to a fee of RM200 per couple.
  7. Each club meeting will consist of non-competing members, except during quarterly open meeting.
  1. Global networking, cross-learning from each other and being coached by the best of the best in multiple industries.
  2. Priority registration and access to participate in 3F Camp, CEO Family Cruise, and 3F Business Transformation.
  3. Accelerate business success, integrated with family success as well as improved health and fitness.
  1. Each club is limited to 12 couples, facilitated by a core team of 3 couples.
  2. Venue of monthly meeting will be rotated in different offices or hotels, club-house and may include field visits.
  3. Duration of each meeting will be 2-3 hours, including meals.