Why Invest in Your Health?

This article serves to create an awareness on why we need to invest into health building and when is the best time to do so.[i] On how to nurture good health, this will be a separate topic that must be uniquely designed for each person.

Expression of Love

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Staying in health is a responsibility that few have understood. Being healthy is not just a personal matter, it’s an expression of love for our spouse, children, parents and siblings in a big family. It is also an extended expression of our love for our friends, colleagues and all those who will be affected directly and indirectly by our health status.

When one of our loved ones in the family is sick, it is an opportune moment for us to show love and care. But even better than this is to stay healthy for the one we love.

Sick Cure is Costly

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What is the most expensive bed in the world? It’s the sick bed. You can engage others on your behalf to drive the car, make the money, and even spend your money. But you can’t have others to replace you in your sickness.

During the last one to two years of their lives, many who are diagnosed with terminal sickness, spend all their life-time savings to find a sick cure. They consume a large amount of western medications with adverse side effects. If numerous costly surgeries are needed, they will leave behind a huge debt for their children. Sadly, many will die an untimely death.

Preventive health care is better than sick cure. If you are unwilling to invest small money for your health today, you will one day have to spend big money in an attempt to cure your sickness. The most fearful thing in life is when you have the money but find no cure to your illness. At that time, no amount of money will mean anything to you. You will have to leave everything behind when you die!

Prepared for a Better Tomorrow

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The best time to intentionally care for your health is when you are strong and healthy. Eat nutritious food as medicine, detox your bodies regularly, exercise appropriately and develop holistic wellness lifestyle habits.

If you possess $200, you should invest 50% of it to your health and enjoy your life. Don’t end up depleting your money to pay hospital bills. Neglecting your health will end up causing grievous harm to self and your loved ones.

Pay attention to nurture your health while you are young. Invest into your health. Change your mindset and prepare for a healthier, better tomorrow. Get rid of bad habits that are detrimental to your health. Work towards finishing your life with health and energy to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


[i] This article is adapted from the original Chinese publication titled “健康是一种责任” at https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/O0vM8wSHVo_7hI0Dzsc5Pg