JUNE 2023

Presenting Certificate of Completion on Be Better Father Series to the 15 men by Senior Pastor Alan Tan and witnessed by Trainer and Speaker Dr Tan Tek Seng at Harvest Christian Assembly Klang.

MARCH 2023

On 25th March, Harvest Christian Assembly Klang Men United leader Bro Mark Tan invited Fam1st Malaysia Chairman Dr Tan Tek Seng to introduce Be A Better Father Series with his members. 10 brothers have committed to attend 10 weekly evening sessions of 1.5hourr commencing on April 11 from 8:30-10pm.

MARCH 2023

It has been awhile since we had a physical event and we are blessed to conduct a forum on “How can tech-savvy parents communicate better with adult kids?” – Discuss or Dispute with Better Dads Malaysia. The panel of speakers were Jason Leong from Better Dads Malaysia (BDM) and DUMC, Pastor Dr Herbart Tan from EMC & Datuk Jory Leong from SSMC with the session moderated by Dr. Tan Tek Seng of Fam1st Malaysia.