November 2021

“Two Shall Become One Flesh” by Dr. Joseph Cheong

“Happy Wife Happy Life” by Dr. Thomas Tan

October 2021

“How to Prevent Brain Ageing & Dementia” by Dr Ignatius Augustine

“Mental Health in the Midst of Pandemic and Beyond” by Dr Yeo Pei Li

“Innovation & Legacy Economic Principle in the Kingdom of God” by Dr. George So

September 2021

“How can Humanitarian Works be Made Sustainable & Compassion Resilient?” by Dr Billy Tang & Hsu Wei

“Family Root Remains as One” by Dr Joseph Cheong

August 2021

“The Impact of Pandemic on Marriages & Families – Ways to Overcome Them” by Dr Edmund Wong & Emily Chang

“Be A Better Parent & Better Leader at the Height of Pandemic” by David Wongso

July 2021

“Achieving Holistic Fitness in Trying Times” by Ps. Dr. Wong Sum Keong

“Exploring Ancient Chinese Characters from Bibical Perspectives” by Dr Joseph Cheong

June 2021

“The Effects of Prolonged Sitting” by Dr Samantha Ong

May 2021

“FITNESS of a Certain Kind: The Blessed ACTS Walk” by Prof Stanley Cheng

“Recognising the Signs: Suicide Prevention & Intervention” by Dr Yeo Pei Li

“Leaving a Legacy in the Marketplace” by Datuk Dr Kenny Ng

April 2021

“Managing Money in Challenging Times” by Allen Tong

March 2021

“The Power of Noble Family Vision” by Richard & Florence

“Create a Culture of Blessing in the Family” by Dr & Mrs Tan Tek Seng