Being a better dad is more than just a measurement of:

  • What my money can buy
  • What my social status and position are
  • Where I stay or what car I drive
  • What I wear or eat each day

Being a better dad is able to have quality time:

  • To be with my family whenever they need me
  • To daily play and pray with my kids
  • To love my wife so my kids can feel secure
  • To daily eat with my loved ones in a table filled with laughter

Being a better dad is to have the health and energy to:

  • Climb the mountains, reach the peaks and touch the clouds
  • Cross the uncrossable rivers and beat the unbeatable currents
  • Chart and blaze a new trail of success without “sacrificing” my family
  • Celebrate every God-given breath and make each moment count

Being a better dad is to use my just one life to:

  • Give courage to the timid to achieve the impossible
  • Give love, faith and hope to the broken-hearted
  • Give help to those with no means of paying me back
  • Give a lasting legacy of value that my children can be proud of

Reposted from old website 14 Sept 2016

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